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Business Units

The Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) was established by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia to position the country as one of the world's leading international business event destinations. These events include meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions. A non-profit organisation, MyCEB is a one-stop centre to assist meeting and event planners in bidding for and staging regional and international business events in Malaysia. It also acts as a conduit for national product development. MyCEB works closely with Tourism Malaysia offices worldwide to extend its services globally.

Finance and Administration

  • Manage finance, human resource, information technology and administration matters.

Government Relations

  • Synergise government, stakeholder and industry relations.

Public Relations & Communications and Digital 

  • Maximise media¬†exposure through effective communication strategies.


  • Administer corporate branding, maximise business events branding and promotions, communicate consistent brand message through development of sales and marketing tools.

Industry & Product Development

  • Facilitate industry partner, product development and cooperative programmes.

Business Development

  • Research, qualify and prioritise business event leads.
  • Source local hosts for regional and international conventions.
  • Manage Association Development and Ambassador Programmes.


  • Secure regional and international business events (including meetings, conventions and incentives) for Malaysia.

Event Support

  • Event servicing for international business events which have been confirmed for Malaysia.
  • Event promotions and to maximise yields (delegates, length of stay and expenditure) from business events.

Marketing Services

  • Communicate consistent brand message through development of sales and marketing tools.

Malaysia Major Events Division

  • Facilitate bids for international sports, arts, cultural and lifestyle events.
  • Develop home grown and home hosted events to international status.
  • Act as a conduit between government and industry to address issues that impede growth of events industry.

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