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Federal Territory of Putrajaya

Located halfway between the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya is the administrative capital of Malaysia, a harmonious mix of nature's beauty and modern day monuments. It is Malaysia's proud symbol of dreams and aspirations come to life.

1. 'Mercu Tanda' Putrajaya (Putrajaya Landmark)

This 78-meter cone-shaped structure is inspired by the Jalur Gemilang, Malaysia's national flag and symbolises the harmony between God, Man and Nature. It features a paved walkway against a photogenic cascading fountain.

'Mercu Tanda' Putrajaya (Putrajaya Landmark)

2. Perdana Putra

Featuring Islamic-Mogul architecture, Perdana Putra houses the offices of Malaysia's Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister as well as the Ministers in the Prime Minister's Department.

Perdana Putra

3. Putra Mosque

Among the most famous landmarks in Putrajaya, this mosque is distinguished by its magnificent pink dome, majestic colonnades and beautifully landscaped water features.

Putrajaya Mosque

4. Seri Perdana

Incorporating Malay and Islamic architecture with western and contemporary looks, Seri Perdana serves as the Prime Minister's official residence.

Seri Perdana

5. Lake Putrajaya

A serene, breathtaking feature of Putrajaya, this 400-hectare manmade lake is not only picturesque, but also serves to moderate the climate surrounding it. Putrajaya Lake Cruises offer visitors a chance to view some of Putrajaya's main attractions.

Lake Putrajaya

6. Taman Botani (Botanical Garden)

The largest botanical garden at 92 hectares in the country, housing some 7,000 species of plants found across Malaysia, Africa and Asia Pacific. It features sections for ornamental plants, flowers, and preservation and research of plants.


7. Dataran Putra (Putra Square)

The centrepiece of Precinct 1, Dataran Putra, or Putra Square, is adorned with lights and locally-inspired motifs and water features. With a 300 square meter area, it's a popular spot for ceremonies, carnivals and major events.


8. Putrajaya Wetland

A must-see attraction for nature lovers, this manmade location is comprised of the Wetland Park spanning 138 hectares and wetland area, itself sprawled over 197 hectares.


9. Taman Warisan Pertanian

Also known in English as the Agriculture Heritage Garden, it is a place that offers an insight into Malaysia's agricultural heritage and development. Discover and learn all there is about the country's leading crops like the rubber tree, cocoa and oil palms, among others.


10. Persiaran Perdana Putrajaya

Regarded as the centre of Putrajaya, Persiaran Perdana Putrajaya, or Putrajaya Boulevard, is a 100-meter wide, 4km long boulevard linking Putrajaya's five core precincts. Five major squares lie within this area where major events are often held.