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The most ancient state in Malaysia, Kedah is the rice bowl of the country. Bordering Thailand, it is home to Asia's first Geopark and the world-renowned island resort of Langkawi.

1. Langkawi Island

The jewel of Kedah, this charming tropical island boasts some of the region's best natural attractions. Asia's first Geopark, accorded to it by UNESCO for its natural geological formations, emerald waters and white sandy beaches. It has an international airport, five-star beach resorts, golf courses, and marinas.


2. Paddy Museum (Fourth of its kind in the world)

Situated at the foothills of Gunung Keriang, it's the only one of its kind in Malaysia and the fourth of its kind around the world. Resembling bushels of harvested rice stalks, this place has plenty of paddy related exhibits.

Laman Padi

3. Sedim River

Walk atop the verdant forest's canopies at Gunung Inas Forest Reserve. Suspended 30 meters above the forest floor, and stretching over 925 meters in distance, it's one of the world's highest canopy walks. The river itself is popular for white water rafting.

Sungai Sedim

4. Bujang Valley Archaeological Museum

The country's richest archaeological site, Bujang Valley was once a thriving Hindu-Buddhist civilisation. Nearly 1,000 artefacts have been recovered and exhibited in the Bujang Valley Archeology Museum.

Bujang Valley

5. Alor Setar Tower

A prominent landmark of Kedah's capital, Alor Setar, the tower stands over 165 meters above ground. The state-of-the-art communications tower is the 19th tallest in the world. Its design is meant to look like paddy stalks tied together.

Alor Setar Tower

6. Pekan Rabu

Located within the state capital of Alor Setar, a bargain-hunter can expect to find traditional handicraft and some good eats at Pekan Rabu, Kedah's local street market.

Pekan Rabu

7. Ulu Muda Eco Park

A wildlife sanctuary to 109 species of mammals, 54 species of reptiles, and 33 species of fish, the park spreads across 120,000 hectares of forested land. It is a safe haven for elephants, tigers, rhinoceros, seladang, sun bears and tapirs. It also shelters some 200 over bird species.


8. Pedu Lake

A retreat of lush jungle surroundings, it has a wide spectrum of flora and fauna as well as a great place for nature lovers. Here, one will be able to see how wild bees gather honey.


9. Gunung Keriang Caves

A series of caves, individually known as Gua Terus, Gua Pelamin, Gua Seribu Bayur and several other unnamed ones make up the Gunung Keriang Caves. Each features limestone formations that appeal to cavers.


10. Local delicacies

Try some of the delicacies that are unique to the state of Kedah. Amongst these is the pungent Pekasam, the rich Laksa, and a vegetarian's delight, Nasi Ulam .