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Let's Meet & Green

Introducing "Let's Meet & Green" - Malaysia Green Programme

Welcome to Let's Meet & Green – Malaysia Green Programme.

This programme was launched by the Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB), in line with the Prime Minister's commitment to offset 40% carbon emissions by year 2020, on 9 November 2010.

Through this programme, you can contribute to the conservation efforts in Malaysia by taking part in a tree-planting exercise while attending your event. The programme operates on a simple premise: you can contribute a minimum USD10 when attending a business event in Malaysia and MyCEB then channels those funds to the Forest Research Institute Malaysia(FRIM)'s already established tree planting efforts.


The Programme Objective

  • • To neutralise environmental damage caused by carbon emissions.
  • • To green Malaysia by preserving, conserving and protecting nature.


MyCEB's Role In The Let's Meet & Green Programme

MyCEB is the country's one-stop centre in assisting meeting and event planners to bid for and stage international business tourism events in Malaysia. Working hand-in-hand with its industry partners, it aims to promote the Let's Meet & Green programme, taking on the role of a facilitator in encouraging contributions toward the greening of Malaysia.


Interested meeting planners and event organisers, as well as interested parties with other tree planting initiatives, are welcomed to contact MyCEB for more information and assistance.

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