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Let's Meet & Green Programme

Why Tree Planting

In the efforts to preserve, conserve and protect Mother Nature, and ultimately the Earth, tree planting is the most effective and relevant way to do it. With tree planting, even a small effort makes a huge difference in leaving an on-going environmental legacy in Malaysia.

As the Malaysian government is committed to reducing carbon emissions by up to 40% compared to 2005*, Let's Meet & Green is our way of helping fulfill this commitment. It also supports the "Green the Earth: One Citizen, One Tree" nationwide campaign, launched in April 2010, which aims to plant 26 million trees by 2014, with each tree representing one of the estimated 26 million people in the country, Let's Meet & Green also helps ensure Malaysia's efforts in ensuring that at least 50% of the country has forest cover, a commitment made at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, back in 1992.

Having this programme launched for the business events industry means that all business events delegates to Malaysia can now play a role in helping the environment, while experiencing an unforgettable business event.

*United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009, Copenhagen

Where Are The Trees?

All tree planting activities will take place at designated areas identified by FRIM, for MyCEB to plant the trees that was contributed by you under this programme.

FRIM is one of the leading institutions in tropical forestry research in the world. Founded in 1929, it is a full-fledged statutory body, governed by the Malaysian Forestry Research and Development Board (MFRDB) under the purview of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. The Institute sits on a 544-ha site adjacent to the Bukit Lagong Forest Reserve in the Kepong municipality, 16km northwest of Kuala Lumpur. It was officially declared as National Heritage on 10 May 2012 under the National Heritage Act 2005.

FRIM will also look at other areas across Malaysia to accommodate further tree-planting initiatives by MyCEB. The type of trees planted will be tropical trees such as Chengal (Neobalanocarpus heimii), Karas (Aquilaria malaccensis) and Belian (Eusideroxylon zwageri). The tree saplings will be planted with a 3 x 3 metre space between them and will be roughly between one to two years old when planted.

Why You Should Participate

The Let's Meet & Green programme is open to all delegates attending business tourism events (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Exhibition) hosted in Malaysia, be it regional or international events.

Major conventions that have recently supported the programme include:

Year Event Name
2014 Green IT Conference
2014 2nd Herbal World Exhibition & Conference
2014 XXV International Federation of Surveyors Conference
2014 Offshore Technology Conference Asia (OTC Asia)
2014 Million Dollar Round Table Experience
2013 4th Global Entrepreneurship Summit
2013 51st District Lions Conference
2012 Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Annual Scientific Congress (ASC) 2012
2012 Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference (APIC) 2012
2012 25th World Gas Conference
2011 The 11A 2011 International Conference (Institute of Internal Auditors)
2010 18th World Congress of Accountants

As a result of participating in this programme, you will achieve a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, knowing that you've made a positive difference in developing an ongoing environmental legacy for Malaysia.

How It Works

Business events organisers and delegates will have an opportunity to consider contributing a minimum of USD10 towards the Let's Meet & Green programme, which will then be channeled to tree planting activities facilitated by MyCEB and FRIM.


This process is applicable to all business event organisers (The Organiser) and delegates who are interested in participating in the Let's Meet & Green programme, while experiencing an unforgettable business event.

Delegates interested in participating should get in touch with The Organiser of their event.


  1. The Organiser needs to complete an application form for the Let's Meet & Green programme.
  2. MyCEB and the Organiser shall agree on details such as method of collection, clear dates for start and end collection, handing over of funds, audit report dates, etc.
  3. The Organiser shall agree to include the Let's Meet & Green programme information in their event promotional materials such as conference brochure, official website and delegate registration form.

Methods of Collection

  1. Online
    1. The Organiser must provide individual receipt to the contributor. Evidence of payment such as banking slips or telegraphic transfer forms is compulsory and is to be cross-checked by MyCEB's appointed auditor (the Auditor).
    2. Collection must be closed one day prior to the official event day and counted by the Auditor. Once verified, MyCEB will provide the Organiser a receipt indicating the total amount of funds collected.
  2. Lump Sum
    1. The Organiser needs to inform MyCEB on their intent to do a lump sum contribution and prepare a cheque on the proposed sum accordingly to be handed over to MyCEB.

Handover of Funds

  1. Handover of funds collected by the Organiser to MyCEB can be done during the event period. Alternatively, a report on the collected funds can be announced by the end of the event's closing ceremony.
  2. MyCEB will undertake any costs related to the Let's Meet & Green Programme which may include pre-planting activities, plaque cost, publicity ceremony, top up for shortage of contribution equivalent to the cost of one tree and other related costs that may incur for this programme.s

Tree Planting Activity

  1. MyCEB will work with FRIM to identify areas where the trees can be planted. FRIM will make all preparations for the activity such as site planning, providing planting tools and species selection.
  2. The Organiser is encouraged to actively participate during the tree planting activity or may delegate this task to FRIM employees.
  3. Photographic proof will be provided to the Organiser upon completion and for participation with a minimum of 50 trees, a plaque or marker will be prepared to commemorate the site.
  4. FRIM is responsible for maintaining the trees planted as part of routine ground and landscape maintenance as well as recording the tree planting area information.
  5. All contributors planting 50 trees or donating RM5000 and above are acknowledged as FRIENDS OF FRIM. A certificate will be issued.

Click here to download Let's Meet & Green booklet origami instructions

For further information, kindly contact:
Industry & Product Development Manager
Tel: +603 2034 2090 (ext 124)

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