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Malaysian Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers (MACEOS)

MACEOS was officially registered with the Registrar of Societies on 17 December 1990. Members of the association consist of organisers and suppliers of conventions and exhibitions.


  1. To promote and encourage an orderly growth of the convention and exhibition organiser and supplier industry.
  2. To encourage and maintain high ethical standards of business conduct and professionalism generally by those directly or indirectly engaged in organising and supplying conventions and exhibitions.
  3. To protect and advance the interests of members of the Association.
  4. To promote and encourage fair and equitable trading, conduct and condition of conferences and exhibitions by organisers and suppliers, and the cooperation of members in all matters of mutual interest.
  5. To represent the industry generally in relation to or dealings with any governmental or quasi-governmental bodies or association or others having dealing with or have interest in the convention and exhibition industry.
  6. To provide information and professional advice to members and others on terms relating to conduct, rights and obligations pertaining to the industry.
  7. To collect information and statistics on subjects on the industry.

MACEOS had in the past year, organised the Professional Conference Management and Professional Exhibition Management courses for its members. These courses were aimed at raising professionalism, service quality and operational standards of the exhibition and conference industry in Malaysia. They also provided better understanding and knowledge of basic management techniques.


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