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MME Assessment Criteria

  1. Priority is given to events which require no infrastructure additions i.e. to make use of available infrastructure. Thus confirming achievability of planned event.
  2. Priority to events that take place during low season i.e. low hotel occupancy periods.
  3. Demonstrated ability to generate complementary initiative within the same sector.
  4. Event is able to offer business-to-business opportunities for local business community and government (e.g. having a hospitality lounge for our local business to meet with international sponsors of event).
  5. Direct economic benefits i.e. visitor arrivals, visitor expenditure, room nights generated, economic impact value.
  6. Event history. Demonstrated growth in participants and/or spectators, publicity value etc…
  7. Tourism promotional opportunities. Events which offer a direct economic return of investment through promotion of tourism. Proof of event's current tourism packaging efforts will be required.
  8. Events which highlight and capitalise on the unique visual appeal, landscape and tourism or business aspects of Malaysia.
  9. Non-government support. At least 50% funding support from sources other than national government (i.e. private sector and tourism industry) to prove event's plan or long-term visions and targets to grow and become self-funding. Evidence of historical support and/or letters of support required.
  10. Event frequency. Events with potential to be held annually or in high frequency/duration will be given greater consideration.
  11. Ability to secure favourable broadcast and print media coverage primarily in international markets. Historical evidence and/or letters of support from media required i.e. total publicity value.
  12. Prestigious events that attract high profile attendees, performers, competitors.
  13. Events that may improve vibrancy and vitality of Malaysia and contribute to the development of local culture and attractions.
  14. Level of exclusivity. Events not occurring in neighbouring countries i.e. ASEAN countries.
  15. Special consideration will be given to inaugural or start up events provided that the event must have business plan and event marketing plan. Event owner must have been in operation within the events industry for more than five years and must demonstrate that they are financially sound.


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