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Peninsula Malaysia's largest state, two-thirds of Pahang is enveloped in verdant rainforest. It is a state that embraces nature and its attractions reflect that harmony.

1. Taman Negara

A rich biodiverse ecology can be found in Malaysia's premier national park, Taman Negara. Unique attractions in this massive 434,350-hectare park include ancient trees with giant buttresses, limestone caves, waterfalls and jungle-clad mountains.

Taman Negara

2. Tioman Island

Touted as one of the finest beaches in Southeast Asia, Tioman beckons visitors to explore its aquamarine waters, spectacular coral formations, diverse marine life and rustic charm.

Pulau Tioman

3. Cameron Highlands

A cool, picturesque getaway, Cameron Highlands sits 1,524 metres above sea level. Undulating valleys, sprawling tea plantations, terraced flower gardens, and vegetable and strawberry farms characterise this hill resort.

Cameron Highlands

4. Endau-Rompin State Park

Untouched wilderness at the Endau-Rompin State Park is among the country's last remaining lowland dipterocarp forests. Malaysia's second-largest park at 80,000 hectares, it is home to a plethora of exotic plants and animals.

Endau-Rompin State Park

5. Genting Highlands

A popular destination within an hour's drive of Kuala Lumpur and at 1,800 metres above sea level is a resort brimming with thrills and excitement. Genting Highlands features an indoor and outdoor theme park, casino, entertainment and a variety of accommodation options.

Genting Highlands

6. Cherating Beach (especially the Turtle Sanctuary)

Fringed by the waters of the South China Sea, Cherating Beach offers visitors a serene and rustic getaway. Resorts line its beaches, catering to every kind of budget for those looking for a relaxing getaway.


7. National Elephant Conservation Centre, Kuala Gandah

Among the state's best attractions is the National Elephant Conservation Centre. Established in 1989, it was dedicated to rescuing and to the translocation of elephants.


8. Traditional Weaving

Kain Tenun Pahang, a handwoven fabric, is Pahang's most prestigious product. Such places as Kampong Koi and Pulau Keladi Cultural Village produce this product, and visitors are more than welcome to observe the time-honoured process of weaving the cloth.


9. FELDA Residence Tekam

Hidden away amidst acres and acres of plantations and orchards, this little getaway offers visitors a chance to learn about Malaysian agriculture, as well as an opportunity to savour tropical fruits like the durian, rambutan and dragon fruit.


10. Diverse Delights

A mish mash of Malay, Chinese and Indian food makes Pahang's culinary scene varied and exciting. Taste the piquant Laksa Pahang, rich Opor and the royal Puding Raja among many other gastronomic pleasures.