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Perak, meaning silver in Malay, was named after its rich tin deposits, some of the largest in the world. Today, it is a thriving home to many attractions, including cave temples, lush rainforests and delicious cuisines.

1. Pulau Pangkor

An idyllic tropical island paradise, Pulau Pangkor is awash with things to do. Visit historic sites like the Dutch Fort. Or be enchanted by the underwater beauty on a snorkling trip. Or relax in style at Pangkor Laut Resort, one of the world's top small luxury resorts.

Pulau Pangkor

2. Tambun Hot Springs Retreat

At the foot of a magnificent limestone hill is the tranquil Tambun Hot Springs Retreat. Naturally hot springs provide a rejuvenating experience, a sure-fire way to melt away any stress you might have had before.

Tambun Hot Springs Retreat

3. Royal Belum

A pristine 117,500-hectare rainforest, Royal Belum is home to many newly discovered species of trees and insects. It is also one of the few places where the Rafflesia flower can be seen. A complex ecosystem, it is a haven for the Asian Elephant, Malaysian Tiger and the endangered Sumatran Rhinoceros.

Royal Belum

4. Kuala Kangsar (Home to Istana Kayangan Royal Museum and Ubudiah Mosque)

A well preserved old Royal Town, Kuala Kangsar is a serene town with many old palaces. Amongst them is the Istana Kenangan, a palace built without blueprint or even nails, which is now home to the Royal Museum of Perak. Nearby stands the Ubudiah mosque, a majestic structure built during Malaysia's colonial era.

Museum Diraja

5. Taiping Zoo and Night Safari

See over 180 local and exotic wildlife at the 34-acre Taiping Zoo, Malaysia's first zoo. It offers a Night Safari ride, where visitors ride on a train at night to observe nocturnal animals when they are at their most active.

Taiping Zoo

6. Kek Lok Tong Temple

Among the most visited temples in Perak, the Kek Lok Tong Temple is a Buddhist temple set within a limestone cave. Various statues of Buddha can be found amongst the stalactites and other rock formations within the cave.

Kek Long Tong Temple

7. Tempurung Caves

Peninsula Malaysia's largest limestone cave, it stretches over a kilometre from Sungai Siput to Kuala Dipang. It is made out of five domes with coconut shell-like ceilings. Take the guided tour and explore this astounding natural wonder.

Tempurung Caves

8. Kellie's Castle

This unfinished mansion is also known as Kellie's Folly, built by Scottish planter William Kellie Smith, either as a gift for his wife, or a home for his son. Descendants of the Tamil labourers brought in to build the home still live nearby even now. It was used as a setting for the movie, Anna and the King (1999).

Kellie's Castle

9. Kuala Sepetang Recreational Forest

The country's best managed mangrove forest, this place is rich in biodiversity and teems with many species of trees, fish, birds and other aquatic life dependent on mangrove forests.


10. Perak Herb Garden

Over 22 hectares of herbs are grown in the Perak Herb Garden. Whether it's for medicinal, aromatherapy or cosmetic use, or simply as salad and spices, there's a herb for everything. It's a scenic farm that also offers campsite facilities and a library, among other outdoor activities.