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The northern gateway to Malaysia, Perlis is a sprawling countryside blessed with quaint, untainted beauty and rustic charm. It is home to the country's only semi-deciduous forests.

1. Explore the countryside

Perlis is so rich in verdant natural attractions that visitors to the state would be hard pressed not to find a natural wonder around the land.

Bukit Air

2. Gua Kelam Recreational Park

Also known as the Cave of Darkness, Gua Kelam has many intriguing limestone formations like flowstones, straws, gour pools and fossils. It is also a tranquil green lung that's ideal for camping, picnicking, walking and bird watching.

Gua Kelam

3. Kota Kayang Museum

Set against a backdrop of limestone hills, the museum is a beautiful place that used to be a barrier against enemy attacks. The canals within allowed boats passage between itself, Kuala Perlis and Alor Setar. On the museum grounds once stood the Indera Kayangan Fort, a palace and ceremonial hall.

Kota Kayang Museum

4. Rimba Herba (Herb Forest)

In this verdant 12-hectare herbal garden grows some 1,000 species of semi-wild plants. Take the tour and discover the many plants used for medicinal and culinary purposes.

Rimba Herba (Herb Forest)

5. Snake and Reptile Farm

Formerly a research facility set up by the Institute of Medical Research in 1981 to study snakes and develop anti-venom, it now serves as a local attraction. Pythons, cobras and pit vipers are among the 20 snake species that are kept on the farm.

Taman Ular

6. Perlis State Park

This semi-deciduous forest is the only one of its kind in Malaysia, spanning 5,000 hectares, and only shedding its leaves during the long dry season. It also features the longest continuous limestone mountain range that's part of the 500 million year old Setul formation. It is known as the Pearl of Perlis.


7. Galeri DiRaja

The elegant Galeri DiRaja, the Malay word Royal Gallery, showcases an impressive collection of royal regalia, portraits, ceremonial court items, ancient weapons and state gifts belonging to the state royalty.


8. Wang Kelian Sunday Market

This buzzing market that sits on the Malaysian-Thailand border. It is a good place to pick up local handicrafts, food, fruits, clothing, kitchen and farm equipment. Visitors need not present their passport as long as they stay within the market grounds.


9. Harumanis and Grape Plantations

The Bukit Bintang Agriculture Centre is famous for its harumanis mango, much sought after for its sweet succulent flesh. Amongst the many other varieties of mangoes are also grapes of many varieties.


10. Padang Besar (a border town)

A popular shopping destination, this laidback and quaint bordertown is a haven for bargain-hunters at the Padang Besar Arcade and duty-free Emas Kerajang Complex.