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Hailed as the 'Gem of the East Coast', Terengganu is a magical destination. Sweeping coastlines, mesmerising fireflies, charming coastal villages are just the surface of this graceful state.

1. Perhentian Islands

Sun-seekers will find the Perhentian Islands to be a place that offers spectacular views, sparkling white sands and clear blue waters. Excellent visibility underwater make the Perhentian Islands a favourite among divers.

Pulau Kapas

2. Diving Retreats

Bathed in warm sunshine and blessed with clear, pristine waters, the islands of Terengganu offer divers some of the best experiences in Malaysia. They include the secluded Pulau Lang Tengah, the paradisical Pulau Kapas, the beautiful Pulau Tenggol and the popular Pulau Redang.

Diving Retreats

3. Lake Kenyir (Southeast Asia's largest man-made lake)

Southeast Asia's largest man-made lake, Lake Kenyir is also where Malaysia's largest hydroelectric dam is. Rugged terrain, streams, waterfalls, caves and submerged forests make this an exciting destination for eco-adventures and water sports.

Lake Kenyir

4. Traditional Batik

Dotted around Terengganu are shops selling and making Batik, a cloth dyed and patterned in the traditional Malay style.

Batik Painting

5. Local Handicrafts

Home to many cottage industries, be sure to explore and hunt for some of Terengganu's traditional crafts of woven silk, songkets, painted batiks and Keris, a traditional Malay dagger.

Pasar Payang

6. Cemerong Waterfall (Malaysia's highest!)

Hailed to be Malaysia's highest waterfall, the multi-tiered Cemerong Waterfall cascade 305 metres along rugged cliffs before resting in a scenic pond at the bottom.


7. Sekayu Recreational Forest

An invigorating glimpse into the mystery and majesty of the rainforest. Visitors here can enjoy the seven-tiered Sekayu Waterfalls. Resting huts punctuate the area around the Forest, offering spots for picnicking and family outings.


8. La Hot Springs

A tropical enclave of natural hot springs, many visitor flock here for the purported healing properties of the sulphuric waters. La Hot Springs is also the gateway to the Gunung Tebu Forest Reserve. Caving, fishing, camping and jungle-trekking are among the few popular activities available.


9. Firefly Sanctuary

Cruise along the Yak Yah River and discover Malaysia's largest firefly colonies. As night falls, the riverbanks turns into nature's own symphony of lights.


10. Local dishes

Terengganu offers an array of delectable culinary delights. Among the many dishes are Laksam, Nasi Dagang, Satar, Keropok Lekor, and Otak-otak.