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Theme Dinner/Events

1. Headhunter Longhouse Theme Party

by the Sarawak Convention Bureau

An honour guard of chanting warriors escort you from your resort hotel to the nearby Iban longhouse. At the top of the longhouse steps, young women wearing their finest jewellery and sparkling silver head-dresses welcome everyone with a glass of tuak, a potent Iban rice wine. Once everyone is seated on beautifully woven rush mats, the longhouse chief performs the Miring, a traditional Iban welcoming ritual.

Dinner is then served in traditional Iban style, accompanied by lively dance performances and games of skill and strength, in which guests are also invited to participate. After dinner, it's time for the traditional "longhouse disco", with festive dancing to the melody of ancient gongs and the pounding rhythm of skin drums. Guests are invited to learn the popular joget and dangdut dance styles, accompanied by modern Iban pop music, and all the while the rice wine continues to flow, along with cold beer for thirsty dancers.

Long House Party

2. Colonial Fine Dining

by Carcosa Seri Negara

Fine dining and old world charm, showcasing the creative genius of award-winning chefs, served for dinner in the majestic dining room of historic Carcosa Seri Negara mansion once the home of Sir Frank Swettenham, the first resident-general of colonial Malaya. Enjoy sweeping views of the tropical gardens and the natural beauty of the surroundings with your dining experience.

Carcosa Seri Negara

3. Malaysian Theme Night in the Rainforest of Janda Baik

by Pacific World Destination East Sdn Bhd

A party of 150 - 300 guests get to experience an evening of Malaysian village culture amidst the lush rainforest. Highlights include action hawker stalls, activity stations and entertainment by the Malaysian Bhangra Troupe, the local drum symphony, traditional dances as well as a funky band.

Malaysian Theme Night in the Rainforest of Janda Baik

4. The White Rajah Theme Party

by the Sarawak Convention Bureau

The term "White Rajahs" refers to the Brookes, an English dynasty that founded and ruled the Kingdom of Sarawak from 1841 to 1946. The White Rajah Theme Party will amaze your guests with the remarkable and sometimes bizarre history of the White Rajahs, and let them experience the pomp and splendour of that bygone era.

Dinner is served al-fresco in the grounds of one of Kuching's historic Brooke-era buildings, complete with brass band and martial arts performances. The lush lawns and gardens are perfect for socialising before taking to the dance floor for the rest of the evening. Wear something white, bring your dance card to be filled in, and step back in time to an era of grace and elegance, when the three Rajahs' party guests included such luminaries as naturalist Sir Alfred Russel Wallace, novelist W. Somerset Maugham, and matinee idol Errol Flynn.

The White Rajah Theme Party

5. Cocktails in the Caves

by the Sarawak Convention Bureau

Discover the magnificent rugged beauty of Sarawak's spectacular limestone cave systems. World Heritage listed Mulu National Park features the massive Deer Cave, the largest natural cave in the world, the Clearwater Cave where a rushing underground river emerges into a secluded bathing pool, and the exquisite rock formations of the King's Chamber in the Wind Cave. Niah Caves National Park near Miri is the site of the oldest human settlement in Southeast Asia (40,000 years ago), and features the world's largest cave entrance and ancient rock paintings, as well as birds nest collectors scaling flimsy bamboo scaffolds to collect this sought-after Chinese delicacy. For a shorter trip from Kuching, the Wind and Fairy Caves near Bau offer beautiful rock formations and fascinating religious artefacts.

Guests can enter some of these caves by torchlight, which subtly illuminates the beautiful cave formations, before settling down to a subterranean cocktail. Entertainment is provided by local performers playing traditional instruments, such as the haunting lute-like sape.

Cocktails in the Caves

6. Malaysian Tribal Night

by AOS Conventions & Events

The style in which the food is served showcases the flavours and cooking methods that take their influences from Asia; speaks volume of 'Malaysia Truly Asia'. The guests have the options to taste a wide variety of local delights in each village that will definitely be exciting and memorable for them. The "Malaysian Tribal Night" theme takes a journey back into time through 130 million years of world's oldest Malaysian rainforest. Take in the panoramic views of old time-honoured civilization. Approaching in trepidation, guests sweep aside the tropical foliage to confront the dimly lit and fog bound entrance. Flaming torches stand sentry either side while native warriors greet the guests. Echoes of war drums could be heard at nearby distance. Upon reaching the 'village' native ladies will serve the guests with welcome drinks. Guests are then invited to participate in native activities such as bamboo dance, Exotic Borneo dance and interactive batik painting. A display of war demonstration, friendly jungle inhabitants, limbo-pole actions are sure to amuse the guests.

Malaysian Tribal Night

7. The Rhythms of the Rainforest

by the Sarawak Convention Bureau

Even your top performers - the incentive guests who've been everywhere and done everything - will be blown away by the sights and sounds of the unique and critically acclaimed Rainforest World Music Festival. Set against a natural rainforest backdrop on the slopes of Mount Santubong, and illuminated by the dazzling floodlit rainforest canopy, the outdoor stage comes alive with three days of virtuoso music from every continent. The audience dances and sings along as flying squirrels perform their graceful aerobatics to the rhythms of the world. Your group can select a secluded dining area in one of the traditional longhouses of the Sarawak Cultural Village, or a private marquee on the lawn. World-class visiting musicians can play exclusively for your group during dinner, or conduct a special interactive workshop with your guests. The Rainforest World Music Festival is held on the second weekend of July every year.

The Rhythms of the Rainforest

8. Tropical Beach Party

by Sunway Lagoon Resort & Spa

Imagine a beach party on a tropical island with waves lapping the sandy beachfront, while a DJ spins songs from a gondola tower or a live band performs on a raised dais. At 1.6km, the world's largest man-made surf beach boasts a 3-island sandy beach, surfing waves up to 8 feet high and a spacious beachfront area that can entertain parties.

Swashbuckling Pirates

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